Aran (also called "The Arid State") is a nation in the northern half of Mundis. It is characterized by its high temperatures and relatively low rainfall, but it is also technically not a desert, save for a few areas in the southern part of the country. Its capital is D'Lan, and the government heads reside there.

In general, Aran's use of Talents is waning. They are so influenced by Urma (and have been for centuries) that their culture has started to mimic theirs. There are settlements in Aran that move to retain their Talent-based culture (like Caravay), but D'Lan is much larger and powerful, and represents the nation as a whole in international diplomacy, so those efforts remain isolated.

Economically, Aran relies almost entirely on Urma for survival. Trade between the nations runs so deep, that many cynics just consider Aran an extension of Urma. Indeed, the country is adjacent to the city-state and Urma almost has direct political power thanks to their economic pressure. Aran, then, is an example of Urma's increasing imperical tendencies.

World Relations

  • Urma: As mentioned, Aran has a very close economic relationship with Urma, and are very close to being a victim of Urman imperialism.
  • The Godecca: The two nations used to be close allies, but The Godecca has begun to severe ties with Aran, disappointed in the country's weakness regarding Urman pressures. Aran has thus ceased trade with The Godecca.
  • South Mundis: Aran and South Mundis conduct healthy trade with one another, but that is about as far as their relationship goes.
  • Luca Mé: Despite the vast differences in culture, the two nations respect each other. They do not conduct trade, but Luca Mé has assured Aran of its aid in any crisis.

Notable Locations

  • D'Lan, the nation's capital.
  • Caravay, home of the water processing plant.
  • Carton Mils, the import/export camp owned by the Urman government.
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