Born September 23, 1990.

Austin is a citizen of Urma, and is a master of the artificial miasmic Talent. He is Rael's best friend in Urma, and frequently goes to him for help with whatever problems he may have found himself facing. Thanks to the foolishness of his friend Adrian, Austin finds himself caught up in a plot that would ultimately lead to the downfall of the Caine Corporation.

Talent & Abilities

Austin not only possesses, but has mastered the artificial Talent of Miasma. It is a gaseous energy that he uses in a variety of ways, including self-restoration and energization, poisoning others (with complete control of duration and curability), and creating miasmic clouds to create small-scale "biological storms."

Still, with all these abilities, Austin very rarely uses it in combat. He pursued this solely to prove a point: that an Urman can master a Talent. When he does, fight, however (as in his confrontation with Varios Flowe), he uses a boomerang as his weapon of choice.


Austin's story starts with his roommate, Justin Phan (who is illegally living in Austin's room due to a glitch in the system that denied him his free housing), receiving an eviction notice from the Urman Housing Department. The two set out for Caravay in Aran, and find Phan a house. The next morning, Austin wakes up inexplicably early, and decides to wake up Adrian for kicks. At Adrian's suggestion, the two check out the Carton Mils shipping and receiving center outside the city. Upon intruding on the property, they find that it functions as more than just a shipping/recieving plant, but a mine. They proceed further and discover that the mine is centered around a huge Chaos Well. Essentially, they found out that Caine Corp. is trying to mine Chaos. The Well reacts to their presence, and the two rush home. In the morning, they're called over to Rael's house to keep him company while hearing out some strangers (Varios and Carmen). During the meeting, the group is attacked by Varios, and the group manages to fight him off. Austin makes sure Rael is alright, and heads home.

Austin comes home to a red envelope on his floor: a court summons from the Urman Justice Department. Adrian insists its no issue, but Austin gets increasingly frustrated with his distance from reality. Both Adrian and Rael suggest using what they saw in the mine against Caine, but they all know Caine would deny any claims they made and shut them up with punishment.


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