The symbol for chaos

Chaos is a rather vital energy that influences the world. It is a gelatinous substance that glows a faint gray-green. It is the main opponent of Light, and is made stable by the synthetic chemical, Order. It is an energy that fills the world of Mnemosyne, and composes the Mnemon in their entirety.

Origins of Chaos

Chaos comes straight from Mnemosyne. It flows into the world whenever a recollection of the past is made; as such, it occurs more often when people are awake, though not quite as much of a drastic difference as Light's occurence at night.

Effects on the Individual

Chaos is a maddening substance. The presence of Chaos cells in one's body can cause random fits of emotional outrage. As memories come rushing into the person, their emotional stability begins to crumble. Increasing symptoms involve a feeling of memory rush, quick snaps of rage or sadness, violent outbursts, and a complete Chaotic possesion. This is usually followed by integration with Mnemosyne in Representatives, but in most individuals, this is the last stage. The complete change in physical appearance and destruction of all personality classifies the beings as "Host Mnemon."

Relationship with Light

Chaos is indeed the opposition to Light. When the two meet, they eliminate each other (with disastrous side effects). If an individual infected with Light meets an individual infected with Chaos, the two will feel pain when their skin touches, and that pain escalates and becomes more easily triggered with higher levels of each respective substance. There have been cases in which an Oneiric Representative who was near-integration inadvertently destroyed another individual with small levels of Chaos inside him. The proximited triggered the energies actions, and the Chaos cells extinction inside the victim devoured his body.

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