D'Lan is the capital of Aran, and serves as the location of all Aran government. It is a somewhat large city, devoid of any Talent use and heavily reliant on Urma for trade and resources. The city is the production site of the nation's water, and bottled Aran water is shipped internationally. Beneath the city is a complex waterway that leads north, to Caravay, and west, to Norvé in The Godecca. The city's culture is highly festive, with almost daily events planned around the city's central water fountain and a weekly parade celebrating the city's proud history. Trade is large in D'Lan, with a sector of it designated specifically for daily market use.

The city's government starts with the mayor, who also serves as governor of Aran. Below him are three elected city councilmen, who more directly govern the city than the mayor. Below that group are citizen-elected and council-approved action groups designed to further city interests.

D'Lan has been the cause of much grief to other Aran settlements, as they tend to not approve of D'Lan's "selling out" to Urman influence. It is the reason The Godecca has severed economic ties with Aran, and the people know it. In D'Lan, however, citizens typically support the Urman relationship and care little about their relationship with The Godecca, which is a weaker nation.

Random Facts

  • The entire D'Lan Water Management Committee is a front for a youth rebellion group. They use the waterway system as a literal and figurative underground network.
  • The D'Lan Library is the largest and most complete on the continent. ...Save for Morqa Flowe's.
  • The city is a favorite of Varios Flowe's to visit
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