The D'Lan Water System is an underground waterway that connects much of Aran. Its primary channel runs north/south, from the ocean to Caravay to D'Lan, the system's center. It also runs east, creating a series of wells for travelers to use if need be. The eastern channel eventually creates the Great Aran Oasis, a huge artificial lake that serves as a tourist hotspot more than anything else. The system has a western channel that runs to Norvé in The Godecca, but it is no longer used thanks to the recent strife between the two nations.

Random Facts

  • The DWS is home to the D'Lan Water Management Committee, which is actually a youth rebellion group.
  • The water system is host to at least one Chaos Well. The Aran government knows this, but does nothing.
  • The previous owner of Phan's current home died in the waterway.