Built in 1980, it's the home of Morqa Flowe, who constructed it as a place to live in solitude while researching. It is built on the sea partly because of Morqa's love of the ocean, and partly to connect to the first of Morqa's Sea Lab Colonies. The Four use it as their sort of home base throughout their journeys in Mundis.

Contents and Layout

The manor contains the largest library in the world, a series of laboratories, two office/study rooms, housing for up to 16 guests (with one master bedroom and three full bedrooms), a dining hall, two kitchens, a banquet room, bar, and three entertainment rooms. Of these, only the library and one of the study rooms - Morqa's preferred office - is not submerged. The entrance room to the manor is a giant elevator that takes the guests down to a secondary entrance room (called the elevator room). From there, guests reach a balcony that overlooks the banquet room. The balcony reaches all the way around the room and has doors leading to each of the guest rooms. The kitchens, bar, and entertainment rooms are attached to the banquet room on the lower level. Two other exits from the elevator room lead to the resident housing (Morqa and his pupils' rooms) and the laboratories/study room, respectively.

Random Facts

  • As Morqa grew in popularity, his home became a sort of a touristic attraction. Thanks to an East Port city ordinance, admittance to Flowe Manor is strict, though Morqa tends to take in whatever visitors do happen to make their way to his front door.
  • The manor appears to be built out of wood, but the wood is only a covering for stronger materials underneath. Morqa wanted the manor to appear cheap and water-worn on the exterior.
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