Kelcy is the only person in the world to possess Order, a substance that causes Chaos to remain in a dormant state. Her father volunteered her to have the substance installed in her when she was an infant, and thus her family has ties to Morqa Flowe, who created Order under mandate from Caine Corp. She is asked by Morqa to aid the Four in their entrance to Mundis. She is a very calm, unemoting girl (possibly a side-effect from the Order in her system), but she means well to the friends she has, and to Morqa.

Talent & Abilities

As mentioned, Kelcy possesses the "Talent" of Order. It is purely an active ability, and it is one that was created to calm individuals affected by Chaos. For example, whenever Thom is in Kelcy's presence, he regains his senses and the effect of Chaos within him is set to rest. Kelcy has no other known Talents.


Kelcy was born and raised in D'Lan, Aran. Her parents volunteered her to have Order installed in her at a young age. Kelcy's mother was a sufferer from The Stigma, and her folks wanted to protect her from that fate. At age 13, Kelcy moved to Turlock in South Mundis. Soon after, her mother fell victim to The Stigma and passed on.

She remained quiet about the event, and continued living alone in Turlock, until, a year after her mother's passing, she received a call from Morqa. He asked her to help direct a group of youths towards his home. She agreed, and met the Four that evening. She felt as if she knew Thom, but could not quite place where. Still, she knew he was a friend, and was happy to offer aid. She lets them stay the night, and then sends them off on South Mundis' Rails, Ltd. train system.

A few days later, she is captured by Carmen Flowe, who takes several blood samples from her. Kelcy insists that she is drawing too much, but Carmen proceeds anyway. Kelcy experiences a severe drop in Order levels, and her body panics and begins to mass-produce the chemical. In turn, Kelcy falls into a coma, eyes glazed over with Order.

She awakes the next morning back home, with a note from Carmen explaining what happened during her sleep: she took her to see Thom. She meant for her to be awake, and apologized for what happened. She thanks Kelcy, because she helped him regain his direction. Satisfied, Kelcy waits for what's to come next.