Kendall (1523-1601) is a mathematician, researcher, and author. He never published his research, and only wrote to fund his studies. His work was discovered in the mid-1900s by a member of the Flowe "family."


Kendall's most-read work is a creation myth. It not only offered a story with morals, but gave the world an interesting look at how the world may be set up. It set forth the notion that there are multiple worlds out there: our own (Mundis), the World of Memory, the World of Dream, the Perfect World, and the World of Void. The proposed structure in the tale is one that has been assumed to be correct by researches ever since. Given the importance the work has had since its re-discovery in the 1900s, it has become mandated reading for all education systems, and is one of the few pieces of literature that is completely protected from censorship or destruction.