The Lunekin are the inhabitants of The Elms. They are humanlike beings who have began to become warped after centuries of secluding themselves in the thick, changing forests. Their appearance tends to frighten outsiders who wander into The Elms, as they do not look perfectly human due to their withered posture. The Lunekin are still quite intelligent, but choose not to advance their technology in favor of the Talents provided to them by nature. They were the first humans to inhabit Mundis, and for that reason the world respects their desire to be left alone, for the most part.

The Lunekin, in actuality, are from Ville de la Lune in Aubre. The original humans arrive in Aubre and thrived, long before the events of Kendall's creation myth actually happened. They predate Chaos and Light, and were biologically above both energies to be largely affected by them (with prolonged exposure, they are still affected). They migrated to Mundis after the introduction of the Energies, first settling in The Elms. From there, the Lunekin migrated outward and evolved into modern humans. Those that stayed in The Elms became warped over time and became modern Lunekin. There still exists an unchanged race of Lunekin in Ville de la Lune, though their biological superiority has weakened. They pose as regular Aubrans, but secretly refer to themselves as moon folk, despite all mankind originally being from The Moon.