The Mnemon are Chaotic beings that originate from Mnemosyne. They are composed entirely of Chaos cells and actively seek out hosts from which they can feast on memories. They rarely appear in Mundis, but recent events has caused an insurgence of them.

Appearance and DemeanorEdit

Mnemon are made entirely from Chaos; thus, they are made of a gray-green gelatinous substance that glows faintly. Mnemon are capable of taking on most shapes, but they stick a somewhat-humanoid form. They have a small torso with long, lanky legs and arms that drag on the ground. A single, purple eye resides in the torso and moves about the body to look around (all Mnemon have this, no matter the type). They typically drag ooze as they move about, but they aren't sluggish at all; they leap and bound and crawl with incredible grace, and only make the creatures that much more unnerving. They are typically very violent and unpredictable, and often reflect a very small semblance of memory to those who view it, making confusion a natural method of predatory behavior.

Types of MnemonEdit


The most common form of Mnemon is the humanoid form described above. These are your average inhabitants of Mnemosyne.

Host MnemonEdit

They aren't technically Mnemon, but they are any Mundis-based being (human, animal, etc) that has become infected with Chaos to the extent that they have lost any control or personality they once had. They typically appear to be heavily warped versions of their original selves.

Mnemonic PuddleEdit

A bit of a joke, these are simply Chaotic slugs that look more like puddles of liquid than a living creature.

Mnemon NestEdit

A rather large blob of Chaos that has any number of purple eyes populating it. These eyes drip out of the blob and form Flailers.

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