The Mnemon are Oneiric beings from...well, Oneiris. They are made up entirely of Light cells. They act passively (much moreso than Mnemon, anyway), typically hunting for dreams (their sustenance) when the world sleeps. Even then, they very, very rarely make appearances in Mundis. They are typically found in Light Wells.

Appearance and DemeanorEdit

The Night stand tall and erect. They are very humanoid, but you can rarely see their full shape. They glow white all over, and appear to be vertical blobs of white, with two black slits where their eyes should be. They move about very slowly, either drifting along the ground or walking peacefully. They rarely use physical violence to accomplish their goals, and are capable of much more rational thought than their Chaotic counterparts. They have even been known to communicate with humans, and to even have feelings. They are very sensitive to the dreams of Mundis, but disregard any notion of remorse upon feeding themselves.

There is only one type of Night, and there is no name to describe that type aside from "Night." Other varieties may exist, but the standard humanoid form is the only one that has ever been recognized and recorded.