Symbol for Order, as branded by Caine Corp.

Order is a synthetic chemical (not a substance, like Darkness) that was created with one purpose: to stop the effects of Chaos. It was created by Morqa Flowe for use by the Caine Corporation and was derived from the sap of the Great Willow. It was installed into one infant only, as Caine Corp. did not want to risk the chemical entering the natural world. Since then, only a small amount of the chemical exists outside of that individual, and it is held by Morqa. That reserve is soon wasted, however, and Morqa does not have the means to produce more.

It was meant to promote research, but only one individual in the world acts as a "natural" source of Order, so this purpose is forever unfulfilled. Instead, Morqa uses the Order-filled individual, Kelcy, to calm a boy infected with Chaos.

Traits and Uses

Outside the body, Order is a pink-ish liquid that has no other striking characteristics. Inside the body, however, it functions much like the other energies (both artificial and natural) do: it finds host cells and uses them to reproduce, allowing the expendature of the chemical without worry of depleting, except under extreme circumstances. Kelcy, for example, enters a state in which her Order levels have dropped to an alarmingly low level. Her body (which now considers Order a naturally occuring chemical in her body), rapidly produce more to compensate, and this puts Kelcy into a comatose position, glazing her eyes over with the chemical.

The main use of Order, as mentioned, is to return Chaos to its dormant state. It does this by emitting a bit of an "Order aura." In essence, Order functions based on proximity with Chaos. So, for example, putting Kelcy next to Thom would cause the effects of Thom's Chaos infection to minimize. Kelcy is sought out for this purpose, and she is rather valuable to the world because of her possession of this chemical.