As the name implies, South Mundis is the region covering most of the southern half of Mundis. It is one of the few larger inland regions that remains mostly untouched by the influence of Urma and Caine Corporation. The area is characterized by foothills and farmland, reminiscent of the Stasis World's Central Valley. To the east is a small bay with a large fishing industry, and to the west lies uninhabited forests that lead to the ocean.

The culture in South Mundis is diverse. To the east, people have a tighter relationship with Urma and have only recently begun to forsaken their Talents. In the west, however, people are somewhat isolated from the rest of the continent. People take pride in their grassroots culture, and take similar pride in their Talents, few and weak they may be.

World Relations

Urma: In the west, Urma is typically despised. People view it as a power-hungry nation (and rightly so), and want nothing to do with them. In the east, trade by boat is a prominent part of the economy. They have a reliance on Urma, as much of the developing nations do.

Aran: South Mundis is happy to do trade with Aran, but there is little more to their relationship besides that. They tend to ignore each other.

The Godecca: The two nations are on good terms. The Godecca respects South Mundis' desire to remain independent from the world, and South Mundis... well, they respect that respect.

Luca Mé: The adjacent countries are allied economically and politically. They share resources, and Luca Mé has offered South Mundis protection in the case of Urman imperialism.

Notable Locations

For a list of all locations in South Mundis, see Category:South Mundis.
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