"One can compare The Godecca to a child that is upset that no one is impressed by their dime-out-the-ear trick."
- Sebastian Caine, speaking on diplomacy with The Godecca

The Godecca is a region in the northwestern corner of Mundis that is known for its cold, snowy climate. It is a very proud nation, and much of that pride comes from their strong ability to use Talents. Godeccans (mostly those from Dendra Hall) tend to be a bit elitist when it comes to their culture. Still, the country is friendly with those it chooses to be friendly with. It defines who is and isn't on explicit good terms with the nation, as a matter of fact.

Economically, The Godecca survives. It once had a close relationship with Aran, but that country has since been shifted to the "on bad terms with" list. Now, it is totally self-sufficient.

World Relations

Urma: The Godecca has always despised the city for its power-hungry politics and neglect of Talents. The two countries' disputes tend to halt international politics.
Aran: As mentioned, The Godecca once had close ties with Aran, until their submissive actions towards Urma lost The Godecca's respect.
South Mundis: The two nations are on good terms. The Godecca respects South Mundis' desire to remain independent from the world, and South Mundis... well, they respect that respect.
Luca Mé: The Godecca holds Luca Mé as the nation that all nations should aspire to be: intellectual, industrious, and traditional, all at the same time. Still, they do not trade with Luca Mé, though this is due to a lack of means.

Notable Locations

For a full list of locations in The Godecca, see Category:The Godecca.
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