The Stasis World isn't actually a world that exists, but is referenced inside the story and in this Wiki on multiple occasions. It is the collective "dream world" built by Morqa Flowe that the Four spent the first 15 years (or so) of their "living" in. In actuality, they were being kept in Oneiric Stasis.

Relationship to the Real WorldEdit

People, Places, and EventsEdit

The Stasis World is partly comprised of people and locations from the real world. Much of South Mundis is present in the form of the Stasis World's Central Valley, for example, and a large number of Thom's Stasis World friends are based off the Oneiric existence of actual people in the real world. In addition, certain events surrounding these subject people's lives are represented in the Stasis World. The passing of Kelcy's mother, for example, happened in the Stasis World as well as the real world.

Personal RelationshipsEdit

Because Thom has ties to Mnemosyne, the World of Memory, his memories influence the memories of others. As such, some of the people he meets in the Stasis World (who are, again, related to actual individuals) feel as if they remember him in the real world. The other three do not have this advantage, as they do not have such Mnemonic ties. This is why Kelcy remembers Thom when they meet in Turlock.

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