The symbol for Imperfection, representing a combination of Chaos and Light.

The Stigma (also called Imperfection) is a substance that combines Light and Chaos into one energy. It has mild influences on both memory and dream, and it is unsure where the Stigma comes from. It is so named because it is viewed as a curse; to be haunted by both memory and dream without ever being consumed by either is considered psychological torture.

The substance itself is a swirl of jade and white, and glows softly but does not illuminate.

Origins of The StigmaEdit

Little is known of The Stigma. It occurs naturally in Mundis via some freak combination of Chaos and Light, but it is more frequently seen in laboratory settings. As it is comprised of both Chaos and Light, it is associated with both Mnemosyne and Oneiris, but the nature of the Stigma's creation is uncertain. All laboratory recreations have been seemingly random, and occured with the simple placement of Chaos and Light samples in close proximity.

Effects on the IndividualEdit

The Stigma does little to physically effect the infected. At lower stages of infection, the individual will have lapses of memory rush and foresight - a combination of memory and dream at the same time. This has been known to psychologically cripple a person until a short while after the moment passes. As it intensifies, the fits get worse. No documentation of what could happen at higher stages of infection, as literally no known infected individuals have decided to continue their lives while infected. The Stigma can easily be harnessed, however, but only on an individual basis (unlike Chaos and Light, which can be used for energy purposes, th eStigma only works at the hands of the infected).

Relationship with Chaos and LightEdit

The Stigma actually has the ability to neutralize both Chaos and Light when in proximity. It responds primarily to the infected individual, however, and acts out against the two energies depending on the host's will. Essentially, though, the Stigma is immune to destruction via Chaos or Light.

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