Urma is a highly urban city-state that possesses the largest amount of diplomatic power in the world, being the nation with the furthest technological advancement and most government system than any other civilization on the continent.

The entirety of the nation is covered in an urban setting, save for spots of controlled territories near Aran. It is divided into districts based on function and zoning, though this is not strictly enforced, as one would find residential buildings in a district devoted to business or entertainment.

Its government is funded in large part by the Caine Corporation, whose current president Sebastian Caine is the governor of the city. Given the company's involvement and Caine's personal interest in power taking priority over proper governing, Urma faces increasing corruption and negligence in its government.

Urma's economy is, of course, booming, largely thanks to the Caine Corporation and the largely imperialistic approach to diplomacy that Caine himself takes. This plays a large role in determining the politics in the world, and leads Urma to be resented and somewhat feared.

World RelationsEdit

  • Aran: Urma's imperialistic nature has largely been directed toward its closest neighbor, Aran. They have great diplomatic influence in the desert nation, and Urma is well aware that Aran's economy depends on their relationship. Caine tends to abuse this fact.
  • The Godecca: The two nations have been almost entirely cut off from one another for the past decade or two. The Elders of Dendra Hall dislike Urma for its disregard to humankind's Talented nature and promotion of the philosophy that technology and power are above all.
  • South Mundis: Urma conducts heavy trade by sea with the eastern bit of South Mundis, particularly East Port, but has little international relation with the rest of the region. Urma has some interest in acquiring land from South Mundis, but has not had as much success as in the north.
  • Luca Mé: Urma and Luca Mé ignore each other entirely, acknowledging each other only in existence.

Districts of UrmaEdit